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Yep, just in case some people think this site is dangerous, here's our lawyer-inspired commentary:

This is just an informal website that contains free information about adventuring in the backcountry. It is based on personal opinion, experiences, and biases. Its not a detailed or final publication, and it may be changed and updated at any time. It may contain many errors and unintended inaccuracies. It even could be completely wrong and misleading, and may not represent reality whatsoever. We are very sorry if it is, and will try to keep things updated and make improvements.

Always use common sense, and do not completely rely on this website, and any associated websites! It is only meant to be a general guide to the many treasures of the Kern River Valley and Southern Sierra.

The Kern River Sierra is a wild and ever-changing land. Wind, storms, snow, floods, erosion, and changes in regulation and ownership all effect this land. Trail, river, land, and lake conditions may change at any time. Representation and descriptions of roads, trails, and recreation off of (or on) public land does not imply a public right of way or access. Obtain updated information from a ranger or informed source.

Outdoor recreation is a personal choice and requires personal responsibility, as well as adequate skills, training, and conditioning. However, risk is still not eliminated by preparation.

Always use proper safety gear and receive advanced training before entering the river, rock climbing, and performing outdoor sports.

Kernriversierra.com and Extremeline Productions LLC, its contributors, publishers, designers, authors, and photographers are in no way responsible for personal injury, death, damage to personal property, or violation of the law arising in conjunction with the use of this website.